Our Artists and Their Art

Leather, Totes, Ottomans & Pillows and Pine Needle Baskets and Furniture

Lydia Verdugo of Leather Works of Tucson creates a variety of beautiful work for men and women: wallets, guitar straps, purses, belts, and more to order.

Sherri Cleveland of Gypsy Stone & Leather focuses on pet collars, key chains and more. 

Janis Warne combines her  love of pottery, stones and Pine Needle Baskets

Becky Zimmerman sews hassocks, totes and pillows, many with cat designs.

Mary K Pyle of Play A New Tune recycles furniture with a creative touch.

Sunshine Stricker - leather

Gina Amerson - Fabric art, aprons

Ashley Chamberlain - Furniture & giclees on canvas

Ethel Coffey - Author Children's books and CDs

Wes Heinrichs - Furniture

Richard Hopkins Wood batea & furniture 

Judy Hinkelman Fabric Art

Jim Nelson Dreamcatchers, prayer feathers

Jim Pipe - Cholla cactus work

Glass, Gourds, Sculpture & Pottery works

Diane C. Taylor creates fused glass work including bowls, coasters, jewelry and so much more. 

Eneida Colon creates art objects in stained glass. Boxes, lamps etc.

Sharon Evans Studio S'Evans: Charcoal, reverse painting on glass, and her new ZENglass 

Lil Kinslow - Clay story tellers, pottery

Sandy Czachor - Gourds, Vintage purses

Patti Heibel - fiber sculptures

Anita Moyer - Fused glass, suncatchers

Sandy Sodawasser - Glass

Kathleen Steuck - Gourd art

Michael Nowack - Pottery


Gale Thomssen of Designs by Gale creates jewelry using metals, beads, fossils, and stones. She also teaches copper classes. 

Emily Hall of Desert Designs by Emily uses cholla, stones and beads.

Pam Conner is a true master beadweaver. 

Diane C Taylor uses fused glass for necklaces and earrings.

Vera Schlichter use gemstones in her creations.

Sharon Evans creates with reverse painting on glass

Giac d'Acquisto - Fine Silver Jewelry

Barbara Andresen - Beaded Jewelry

Jane Spitzer - Jewelry

Judith Skinner perfected polymer clay jewelry.

Ed Lohman - Inlay & silver

Photography and cards

Peter Conner is our worldwide photographer. He captures the moment. He also has cards of his photos.

Tracy Foltz Zinna Sky Studio creates southwest greeting cards.

Nancy Schroeder - Photography, cards and teaching

Lynn Sakellar-Gekas - Cards

Becky Zimmerman  Cat Cards

Mary Jo Wasco - Paper art & calligraphy

Cholla Lamps, Wood and Pewter

Ron Gildea is our master at creating lamps. Using the desert cholla, he builds his lamps and candles sticks using LED lights and custom stands.

Jim Beaman - Wood turning is the craft of using the wood lathe and hand tools to cut, shape and hollow the piece. It is then burned and colored using archival ink  and art pens.

Don Norris is know as the Hummingbird Man, creating wire and pewter or silver sculptures. 

Wes Heinrichs makes tables with inlaid turquoise and furniture.

Dick Hopkins - makes bateas in the traditional style and wood chests, cabinets and then hand paints each piece. A true master.

Mary Pyle re purposes and revitalizes furniture in folk art style with zing and colors. 

Robert Wellington -Wood Burning

Wall Art

Sharon Evans of Studio S'Evans uses charcoal to create master works of art. She also teaches drawing. Reverse Painting on Glass

Cindy Connolly -  Watercolor and acrylics

Carmen L. Armstrong uses acrylics to create her work. She is well known as an artist, art educator-professor-author.

Chandika Tazouz is world famous  with her paintings and drawings depicting Indigenous Peoples of the World. 

Lynn Sakellar-Gekas - Pen & ink, watercolor native art

Gay Thorson - Southwest art and cards

Rose Rollyson - Oils, cards, magnets

Garnet Myers - Desert painting on stone

Filmer Kewanyama - Hopi acrylic painter of native topics & kachinas

Betty Johnson - Acrylic wood art and Illustrator

David Jewel - Acrylics and cards

Howard Curtiss - Pen & ink, colored pencil

Michele Batchelder - Acrylics, oil and watercolor

Ron Andreasen - Pen & ink, pencil, watercolor

Susan Hemm Zivic - Gilclees on canvas

Joseph Robertson - Scratchboard

Robert Wellington - Wood burning

Gerardo Campos - Acrylics